Re-Energizing Training Focus, the Foundation of Aviation Safety

Three dedicated conference tracks:

• Air Carrier Pilot Training – 8th September

• Cabin Crew Training – 9th September

• Maintenance Training – 10th September

The APATS 2020 Conference will provide a robust programme across the three disciplines of pilot, maintenance and cabin crew. Each of the conference tracks will take a close look at ‘lessons learned’ along with training solutions and outcomes. Other subject areas to be covered will include new hire issues and personnel supply and demand; competency- and evidence-based training; UPRT and manual flying skills; simulation technology update and insights; training for new aircraft technologies; human factors; and mobile, gaming and eLearning technologies in training.

Across all streams of the conference, presentations and moderated discussions led by industry experts will focus on dealing with the challenges that technology, evidence, regulatory environments and our increasing knowledge on human performance are bringing to the industry. 

To read the APATS 2019 report, published in CAT Magazine issue 5/2019 click here.


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17th Asia Pacific Airline Training Symposium (APATS)

8-10 September 2020, Virtual Event