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APATS 2023 pilot conference
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APATS 2024 is entirely dedicated to airline simulation and training, allowing you to discover the latest innovative training solutions. Supported by the training industry and subject matter experts, the APATS 2024 Pilot Training Conference will provide practical solutions for your day to day challenges and offer key insights into the future of the industry.

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APATS Conference Chair: Captain Jacques Drappier
Pilot Conference Moderator: Professor Paul Bates

Day 1 – Tuesday 10th September 2024

0900-1030  Session 1 – Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (combined session)
1) Captain Adrian Amaladoss, Divisional Vice President, Flight Operations Training & Standards, Singapore Airlines
2) Captain Ashim Mittra, Senior Vice President Flight Operations, IndiGo
3) Airline Manufacturer Flight Training Association (AMFTA) Panel

1030-1115  Coffee Break
Sponsored by: Symbiotics

1115-1245  Session 2 – CBTA
1) Mike Miller, Director, Learning Programs, Boeing Global Services
Competency-Based Training and Assessment (CBTA), Threat and Error Management (TEM) and the Use of Multiple Data Sources to Enhance Safety
2) Chris Ranganathan, Chief Learning Officer, Commercial Aviation Training, CAE & Captain Daniel Gan, Head of Evidence-Based Training, Singapore Airlines
The Use of Eye Tracking Technologies and Data in Support of CBTA
3) Captain Taufnik Hidayat, Head of Lion Group Training, Lion Air
CBTA Implementation in Lion Air Group

1245-1415  Lunch

1415-1545  Session 3 – Human Factors
1) Captain Ping Lee, Chief Pilot, HF/CRM, EVA Airways
Complacency Curve: Pilots Wake Up Call to Runway Safety
2) Jason Davenhill, Aircrew Performance Coach, Inflow Performance Ltd.
Aircrew Performance Coaching: The Most Powerful Tool in Aviation?
3) Alexander Robinson, New Business Manager, Asia-Pacific, Ocean Software
Human-Machine Learning: Improving Pilot Training and Operations Using Predictive Analytics & Insights

1545-1630  Coffee Break
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1630-1800  Session 4 – Recruitment and Retention
1) Captain Salvador Costa Pereira, COO & Head of Training, Sevenair Academy
Bridging the Gap Between Airline Training and Ab Initio Training
2) Aleksandra Kapela, Associate Aviation Psychologist, Symbiotics
Clearing the Turbulence: The Role of Psychometric Screening in Safeguarding Gen Z Pilots’ Mental Wellness
3) Captain Mohamad Khairul, Head of Training, MAB Academy
Cadet to Chief: An Approach to Pilot Training and Leadership Development

1800-1900  Networking Reception
Exhibition Hall

Day 2 – Wednesday 11th September 2024

0900-1030  Session 5 – Resilience in Flight Operations
1) Captain Hari Shankar, Singapore Airlines/Association of Asia Pacific Airlines (AAPA)
Resilience: The Human Factors Behind It
2) Stefan Dudda, Head of Training, Etihad Aviation Training
The Power of Resilience: Building Confidence for Future Heights
3) Captain Mike Varney, CEO, Salient & Captain James “Jimmy” Mitchell, EBT Program Manager & Check Pilot Accreditor, Jetstar
Safety Results from Evidence-Based Training (EBT) – Jetstar

0900-1030  SPECIAL BREAKOUT SESSION – Ab Initio Training
1) Septo Sudiro, CEO, PT Mitra Aviasi Perkasa
The Declining Interest and Passion of Generation Z to Become a Pilot
2) Morgan Montgomery, Customer Technical Training Specialist, Boeing & Jennifer Taylor, Instructional Systems Designer, Early Career Pilot Training, Boeing
Enhancing Ab Intio Training
3) Captain Roberto Casarin, Deputy Head of Training, BAA Training Vietnam
Implementation of CBTA in Vietnam

1030-1115  Coffee Break

1115-1245  Session 6 – Manual Handling
1) Dr. Kathy Abbott, Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor for Flight Deck Human Factors, Federal Aviation Administration
Automation, Manual Flight Operations and Monitoring: A Study
2) Captain Christof Kemény, Senior Training Advisor, Lufthansa Group
Push to Unload – Are We Doing It Right?
3) Paul Ransbury, Chief Executive Officer, Aviation Performance Solutions
UPRT Synergy: Superior Upset Training Outcomes for Airlines and Flight Schools

1245-1415  Lunch

1415-1545  Session 7 – Learning Methodology
1) Captain Philip Adrian, CEO, MPS
Training Without Restrictions
2) TBD
3) Jyoti Gayan, Chief Theoretical Knowledge Instructor, Qatar Aeronautical Academy
Training Model to Operate in a New Intelligent Flight Deck Environment

1545-1630 Coffee Break

1630-1800  Session 8 – Future and Emerging Technologies (combined session)
1) Neil Waterman, Commercial Aviation Director, ASTi
AI: The Force Multiplier for Pilot Training (How SATCE & Virtual Instruction Will Power-up Pilot Training)
2) Frank Rister, Test Pilot/Senior Researcher Pilot Training, inTrim GmbH & Nils Bartling, Managing Director/Examiner, inTrim GmbH
Designing Flight Training for Future eVTOL Pilots
3) Cameron Tribe, Senior Industry Fellow – Aviation Academy, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Virtual Reality for Teaching Pilot Decision Making

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