2021 Virtual Conference

Restaffing and Retraining for Post-Pandemic Airline Operations

APATS 2021 Conference Team

Conference Chair

Captain Jacques Drappier
Conference Chair

Professor (Aviation & Logistics), University of Southern Queensland

Professor Paul Bates
Pilot Moderator

Maintenance Stream Moderator

Geoff Hill
Maintenance Moderator

Cabin Crew Stream Moderator

Trevor Jensen
Cabin Crew Moderator

Conference Programme

Day 1 – Tuesday 31st August 2021: Skill Decay

1) Chris Ranganathan, Chief Learning Officer, CAE
Mitigating the Effects of Skills Decay Caused by Inactivity
2) Helen Heenan, Consultant, KURA Human Factors
Skill Fade During the Pandemic – What Skills, and Why Do They Fade?

Pilot Breakout Panel 1
Q&A Panel Discussion with Chris Ranganathan, CAE, Helen Heenan, KURA Human Factors and moderated by Paul Bates.

1) Michelle Ockers, Founder & Chief Learning Strategist, Learning Uncut
Skill Building – Insights from Beyond Aviation
2) Stuart Membrey, Head of Training – Engineering, Cobham Aviation Services Australia
Avoiding Skills Decay – Why There Should Be Greater Focus on Practical Training

Maintenance Breakout Panel 1
Q&A panel discussion with Michelle Ockers, Learning Uncut, Stuart Membrey, Cobham Aviation Services Australia, and moderated by Geoff Hill.


1) Anna Mellberg, Chief Cabin Safety and CRM Instructor, Novair
2) Dr. Catherine Baird, Former SVP, Cabin Crew Training, Emirates & Glenn Bull, CEO, Skilitics Group
Learning to Pivot, Pivot to Learning

Cabin Crew Breakout Panel 1
Q&A panel discussion with Anna Mellberg, Novair, Dr. Catherine Baird, Emirates Airline, Glenn Bull, Skilitics Group and moderated by Trevor Jensen.


CAE Sponsored Session: Aircraft Maintenance Technician Training in a Post Pandemic World
Jim Cairns, Global Sales and Operations Leader, Commercial Aircraft Maintenance Training & Andrew Vaisar, Leader – Commercial Aviation Maintenance Training, CAE

Day 2 – Wednesday 1st September 2021: Recruitment & Mental Health

1) Chris Smith, Senior Lecturer, Aviation, University of Southern Queensland
Covid-19 – Global Effects, Responses, and a Way Forward for Mental Health in the Aviation Industry
2) Captain Rick Heaton, M.Av.Mgt, FRAeS, General Manager Flight Operations & Chief Pilot, Network Aviation
Airline Recruitment in a Post Covid World

Pilot Breakout Panel 2
Q&A panel discussion with Chris Smith, University of Southern Queensland, Captain Rick Heaton, Network Aviation and moderated by Paul Bates.


1) Matt McKay, SMS Consultant
Mental Health and Aviation
2) Tom Dowdall, Chief Executive Officer, ALG
The Future Challenges of Recruitment in Aviation

Maintenance Breakout Panel 2
Q&A panel discussion with Matt McKay, SMS Consultant, Tom Dowdall, ALG and moderated by Geoff Hill.


1) Karen Moore, Principal Occupational Psychologist, Symbiotics
Cabin Crew Mental Wellbeing: Fit for Work?
2) Karien Stadler, Certified Aviation Psychologist & Talent Management Expert & Kathryn Ferguson, Talent Acquisition Manager & HR Professional, AeroAssess
What’s Beyond the Mask? A Wellbeing Risk Management Recruitment and Selection Approach

Cabin Crew Breakout Panel 2
Q&A panel discussion with Karen Moore, Symbiotics, Karien Stadler and Kathryn Ferguson, AeroAssess and moderated by Trevor Jensen.

Day 3 – Thursday 2nd September 2021: EBT/CBTA

1) Captain Ping Lee, Chief Pilot, Eva Air
FUSION, Combining Eastern Culture and EBT Concept
2) Captain Simon Henderson, PhD, FRAeS, Director, Salient
Evidence Based Training – Lessons Learnt

Pilot Breakout Panel 3
Q&A panel discussion with Captain Ping Lee, Eva Air, Captain Simon Henderson, Salient and moderated by Paul Bates.


1) Sam Lee, Director, Integra Aerospace Ltd.
How Do We Drive Improvements in Competency Based Training from Effective Assesment to the Use of Technology?
2) Søren Seindal Agner, Co-owner, AEROTEAM Training Solutions
Development and Assessment of Non-Technical Skills in the Training Environment

Maintenance Breakout Panel 3
Q&A panel disucssion with Sam Lee, Integra Aerospace, Søren Seindal Agner, AEROTEAM Training Solutions and moderated by Geoff Hill.


1) James “Jimmy” Mitchell, EBT Program Manager & Patrice Carr, In-Flight Training Manager, Jetstar Airways
Adapting EBT for Cabin Crew
2) Capt. Michael Varney, CEO, Salient

Cabin Crew Breakout Panel 3
Q&A panel discussion with James Mitchell & Patrice Carr, Jetstar Airways, Captain Michael Varney, Salient and moderated by Trevor Jensen.

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