Captain Simon Henderson

Captain Simon Henderson, PhD, FRAeS, Director, Salient

Simon graduated from the Royal Australian Airforce Academy in 1982 and flew Dakota, Hercules and Boeing 707 aircraft. When Simon left the airforce he was the flying safety staff officer for Air Lift Group. He has held management roles, trained and examined with Australian based and International airlines. As a member of the IATA Training and Qualification Initiative he helped found the Evidence Based Training Foundation.

Simon has extensive experience working with regulatory and other advisory bodies, including CASA, UK CAA and the FAA. He was an active participant in the US FAA AQP development and drafting committees. Simon was a long-term member of the UKCAA CRM advisory panel. Simon also holds a Lead Auditor qualification.

Simon received his Doctorate in 2009 and is a Senior Visiting Fellow at the University of New South Wales. He works with a variety of airlines, regulatory authorities the LOSA Collaborative and is a Director at Salient (previously EBT Solutions). He was a member of the joint PARC/CAST Flight Deck Automation Working Group and a contributor to their report on the operational use of flight path management systems. Simon was the 2002 recipient of the Flight Safety Foundation Award for Achievement in Human Factors and Flight Safety.

Evidence Based Training – Lessons Learnt

While the originally published EBT document suite was based on a great deal of analysis and review, any discussion of the implementation of EBT within airlines and associated training of instructors and examiners was based on expert opinion. This presentation discusses the twelve key lessons learnt during the implementation of EBT within numerous airlines and their over-sighting regulatory authorities over the past ten years.