2018 Cabin Crew Conference Proceedings

Day 1 – Tuesday 28th August 2018

Session 1 – Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)
1) Blair Cowles, Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Safety & Flight Operations, IATA  [PDF]
2) Captain Quay Chew Eng, Senior Vice President of Flight Operations, Singapore Airlines  [PDF]
3) Patrick Curtin, Senior Manager, Campus Operations, Boeing Flight Services Singapore Campus  [PDF]

Session 2 – The Human Element
1) Martin Egerth, Senior Product Manager Human Factors Training, Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH
What Makes a Good Leader
2) Norman MacLeod, Human Factors Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways
Lightbulbs, Metaphors and Clocks – Gaming in CRM Training  [PDF]
3) Associate Professor Yvonne Toft, Head of Programs, Transport & Safety Sciences, CQUniversity
Next Gen CRM  [PDF]

Session 3 – Round Table Discussion
1) Susan Rice, Aviation Consultant / Cabin Safety Specialist
Customer Education
2) Richard Muralee, CEO, GRIP Training & Workshops Sdn Bhd
Assertiveness Training
3) Joey AncaHuman Risk Manager, Metro Trains Melbourne
Is CRM Meeting Cabin Crew Needs?

Session 4 – Training Developments
1) Robin Pijnaker, CEO, Flame Aviation
Dealing with Cabin Fires  [PDF]
2) Mark Goossens, Managing Director, TFC Simulatoren und Technik GmbH
Upside and Downside of VR in Cabin Crew Training  [PDF]
3) Amanda LeedhamAssessor/Ground Instructor & Terry McCombie, Assessor/Ground Instructor, Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd.
Maintaining Standards Across Multi Types in Multi Bases  [PPTX]

Day 2 – Wednesday 29th August

Session 5 – Professional Attitudes
1) Associate Professor Geoff Dell, Head of Courses, Transport & Safety Sciences, CQUniversity
Cabin Safety Investigations – The Future Needs  [PDF]
2) Joey AncaHuman Risk Manager, Metro Trains Melbourne
Cabin Crew Professionalism  [PDF]
3) Captain James Nixon
Professional Sleeping for Cabin Crew  [PDF – Presentation] [PDF – Speech] [Audio Podcast of Presentation]

Session 6
1) Susan Rice, Aviation Consultant/Cabin Safety Specialist
Challenges in Educating the Travelling Public  [PDF]
2) Sherry Saehlenou, Principal, Avion Training LLC
Moving Beyond Awareness  [PDF]
3) Søren Seindal Agner, Owner, Aeroteam
Learning Games for Training and Assessment of NOTECHS in the Classroom Environment  [PDF]

Session 7 – Workshop
1) Søren Seindal Agner, Owner, Aeroteam

Session 8 – Technology Assisting Training (all conference tracks)
1) Colin Rydon, Vice President Training, Safety & Compliance, L3 Commercial Aviation
Advancing FTD Technologies and the Opportunity to the Pilot Training Journey  [PDF]
2) Captain Pierre Wannaz, A330/A340 Captain, Senior Advisor, CEFA Aviation
How Could We Turn Each Flight into a Training Opportunity?  [PDF]
3) Captain Benoit Treilhou, Instructor, ATR Training Centre
New Technology for New Technology Aircraft  [PPTX]

Olivia Nash

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