2019 Maintenance Conference Proceedings

Maintenance Conference Proceedings

Conference Theme: Identifying & Developing Professionalism in the Global Aviation Workforce

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Moderator: Geoff Hill

Day 1 – Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Session 1 – Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance joint session)
1) Captain Chris Kempis, Director Flight Operations, Cathay Pacific
2) Patrick Curtin, Senior Manager, Singapore Campus Operations, Boeing Global Services

Session 2 – The Bigger Picture
1) Dr. William Cox, CEO, Management & Excellence SA
How to Use Maintenance ROI as a Tool to Boost Profits
2) Sharon Robertson, CEO, IBSA Manufacturing
Combating Skills Shortages – An Australian Perspective
3) Matthew McKay, SMS Consultant
Safety Management Systems in Engineering

Session 3 – Human Factors
1) Gareth McGraw, Principal Human Factors Specialist, Qantas Airways
Maintenance HF in the Austra-Asia Region
2) Andy Shone, Chief Executive Officer, Southpac Aerospace
HOP and Safety2
3) Søren Seindal Agner, Owner, Aeroteam & Michael R. Truelsen, Owner, The SA Group
Introducing Gaming in Maintenance HF

Session 4 – Live Demo’s & HF Workshop
• HF Game: Participants will be able to participate in a live human factors lesson with gaming
• Airbus will demonstrate their latest simulation technology with VR
• ECA will demonstrate their latest simulation

Day 2 – Wednesday 4th September

Session 5 – Regulatory Issues
1) Mark Thompson, Technical Training Manager, Aviation Australia
Competency-Based Training
2) Deborah Stephenson, Manager, Training Systems & Implementation Branch, AFB-520, Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)
Flight Standards Regulator Training – Train-the-Trainer
3) Luigi Preti, Maintenance Organization Expert/EASA International Officer in Singapore
Some Key Elements on Maintenance Organizations

Session 6 – Open Forum Workshop – Train the Trainer
Discussion and workshop on ‘Train the Trainer’

Session 7 – New Developments
1) Lily Fu, General Manager, Pratt & Whitney China Customer Training Center
Effective Engine Maintenance Training To Optimize Fleet Operation
2) Kenny Choo, Professor, Department of Aircraft Maintenance, ASEA Aviation College
How Augmented Reality Technology Affects Maintenance Training
3) Paul Nef, Regional Director, Honeywell
Big Data: What, When and How?

Session 8 – Human Factors (Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance joint session)
1) Karen Moore, Managing Director, Symbiotics
Psychological Risk in Aviation – Selection, Training and On-the-Job Mental Health
2) Kwang Hoon Ko, CRM Facilitator, Flight Crew Training Team, Asiana Airlines
Integration of Diverse Workforce by Forming a Team Climate
3) Andy Shone, Chief Executive Officer, Southpac Aerospace
From Reacting to Learning: The Next Step in Organisational Effectiveness

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