Luigi Preti

Maintenance Organisation Expert & EASA International Officer in Singapore

Luigi Giovanni Maria Preti is an Italian Aerospace Engineer (Università di Pisa) who works as Maintenance Organisation Expert and EASA International Officer in Singapore since July 2017.

He joined EASA in 2011 as Continuing Airworthiness Organisation Team Leader and in this role, he has served the Agency by carrying out audit and inspections all over the world at Part M Subpart G CAMOs, Part 145 AMOs and Part 147 AMTOs. His career in civil aviation started fifteen years ago in Italy with a helicopter company seeking for (JAR-OPS 3) AOC and (JAR 145) maintenance approval.

In 2006 he joined Alitalia (Rome) as auditor and inspector for both the airline and the maintenance organisation. After a brief experience with a charter operator in 2008 (Livingston/Lauda Air at Malpensa/Milan) he moved to Switzerland where he worked at Jet Aviation/General Dynamics in Basel.

During the above mentioned steps, he gathered a wide civil aviation experience within several domains (Design, Production, Maintenance and Operations) in different roles, which stretched from Auditor/Inspector, to CAMO/Quality Engineer and eventually to Manager SCM with special focus on DOA, POA and MOA suppliers.

Luigi works at EASA to help and support the aviation industry, you can reach him at

Update on Continuing Awareness

A brief description on the differences among the set of rules and guidances in continuing airworthiness will introduce the new “cooling-down” approach, aimed to reduce the regulatory burden for both the member states and the industry.

Also the latest NPAs and Opinions, which will be presented, confirm the EASA commitment on better supporting all the stakeholders without lowering the safety, a concept that is fully embedded in the upcoming new basic regulation.

Eventually, a short overview on the latest continuing airworthiness IRs amendments will be followed by a focus on some of the Part 145 news, including those related to the foreign countries only (UG CAOs).