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APATS 2018 Conference Theme – Safety Through Efficient Training

The year 2017 will go down in history as the safest year since the start of commercial flying. No casualty in commercial operation is indeed a great achievement. This is certainly the result of years of hard work and dedication of all stakeholders.

But we all know that this unbelievable result will not be repeated unless we continue with the same resilience for the quest for safety. We, as trainers are in the heart of the effort, and our job will not get easier.

The aviation industry continues to deal with enormous growth prospects, a shrinking pool of aviation workers, new regulations and economic challenges.

Feedback from the previous conference indicates that we must continue to focus on best practice: Airlines helping each other finding the best practical solutions to keep going forward in safety, whilst dealing with all the other, conflicting, goals.

Therefore we have chosen for the overall theme of APATS 2018:

Safety Through Efficient Training

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