Captain Xavier Lesceu

Head of Flight Operations and Training Policy , Airbus

Captain Xavier Lesceu is Head of Flight Operations and Training Policy at Airbus flight operation support and training standards.

He is an Airbus Test Pilot and Type Rating instructor qualified on all Airbus Fly by Wire aircraft.

Xavier joined Airbus in 2002 after 17 years a a pilot in major European airlines, with his last position as the AOC Post Holder Training.

OEM Simulator Stall Demonstrator

As OEM we, at Airbus, have introduced a new feature in our simulator model which is a stall demonstrator. 

The aim is to demonstrate flying hand free, thus without pilots having to actually fly the aircraft past the stall warning, a stall of the aircraft.

During this manoeuver the pilot can at any time recover from this situation.

To introduce this function I will first highlight the regulation on simulator models (FAA part 60 change 2 and EASA).

Describe the work done for the aerodynamic model (tuning of motion versus real aircraft buffet).

Introduction of the roll off model (wing drop during stall events).

And finally conclude with our stall demonstrator.