Norman MacLeod

Human Factors Manager, Cathay Pacific Airways

Norman MacLeod has been involved in all aspects of pilot recruitment and training, both military and civil, for nearly 40 years. He is currently the Human Factors Manager for Cathay Pacific Airways, based in Hong Kong.

Lightbulbs, Metaphors and Clocks – Gaming in CRM Training

The use of games for learning is growing in popularity but the concept has a long history. The idea of a game is that is presents learners with opportunities to gain insights or develop skills in ways that are more powerful than conventional classroom delivery. This presentation will illustrate three uses of gaming in a CRM training context.

The first example is from pilot CRM training and illustrates the use of a simple game to explore pilot problem solving and decision making. This is an example of a ‘light bulb’ game, so called because it generates moments of insight through practical activity.

The second game is currently being used in joint pilot/cabin crew CRM and is based around an aircraft dispatch. It is a metaphor for the real world that allows players to reflect on operational problems and to explore behaviours that improve efficiency and safety.

The third game – the ‘clock’ game – is a board game that allows pilots to rehearse checklist drills in real time while dealing with emergency situations. Two version of the activity will be illustrated. The first is a pilot only class where the activity explored a smoke and fumes-induced diversion. I will then show how the game can be expanded to include cabin crew to permit real-time rehearsal of drills such as a sterile cabin search in response to a bomb threat.

The presentation will examine the broad concept of a ‘game’, their design and use and how they can be used to make learning memorable.