Captain James Mitchell

Captain James Mitchell, Project Manager, Jetstar

Career almost exclusively in the training field; Grade One Flying Instructor at Moorabbin, Deputy Chief Pilot/Training and Checking flying around the mountains of PNG. 20 years with the various iterations of Impulse Airlines/Qantaslink then Jetstar. Training and Checking on B1900/B717 and A320 fleets. Completed a Master’s Degree in Aviation Management (Thesis on EBT) with Griffith University and now currently undertaking PhD studies with the University of Southern Queensland under the guidance of Prof. Paul Bates/Prof. Patrick Murray and Dr. Wayne Martin in EBT. Project Manager for Implementation of EBT into the Jetstar group of airlines.


Enabling Change – Implementing the Evidence-based Training Program

The EBT concept was developed as part of the IATA Training and Qualification Initiative (ITQI), starting in 2007. The rationale for the project was that despite progress in the design and reliability of modern aircraft, more needed to be done to improve safety and performance, through advances in pilot training.

An international working group was formed initially of aircraft original equipment manufacturers and the International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations (IFALPA), to conduct a review of airline pilot recurrent training and checking. The international working group was expanded to include Civil Aviation AUthorities, academic institutions, airlines, international organizations, pilot representative bodies and training organizations.

The international working group established a new methodology for the development and conduct of recurrent training and checking; Evidence-based Training (EBT). The aim of the program is to identify, develop and evaluate the competencies required to operate safety, effectively and efficiently in a commercial air transport environment, whilst addressing the most relevant threats according to evidence collected through analysis of accidents, incidents, flight operations data and training.