Ian MacLaren & Vera Jakimovska

Ian MacLaren, Senior Technical Advisor, UK CAA

Ian has 33 years experience in aviation, 23 of those with the UK CAA and 10 with British Aerospace (now BAE SYSTEMS).

In his current role with CAA International, Ian provides advice and assistance to National Aviation Authorities in line with ICAO Annexes. Advising AOC operators and other approved organisations on ICAO and EASA Airworthiness regulations and requirements. Ian also provides regulatory training courses on subjects such as: EASA Part M, Part 145, Part 21, and Specific Approvals (e.g. LVO, ETOPS).

During Ian’s time with the UK CAA he has gained extensive experience as an auditor to audit Part 21, Part M and Part 145 approved organisations. Between 1995 and 2006 Ian was an Avionic Certification specialist on the JAA/EASA A380 project team.


Vera Jakimovska, Head of International Operations UK & Europe, UK CAA

Vera has 15 years of operational and decision-making experience in the aviation industry. She joined the CAAi in 2010 and is responsible for directing the cross-functional teams and Portfolio delivery within the European and UK region. Vera is also overseeing the strategic development of CAAi’s aviation safety regulation training offering. Before joining the CAAi, Vera spent five years within the transport consultancy sector producing transport policies and forecasts for several states. Vera holds a Master of Science in Transport Planning and Management from the University of Westminster as well as BEng in Air Traffic and Transport Engineering from the University of Belgrade. 

Using Risk-Based Surveillance to Engage with Industry

In 2015 after the adoption of ICAO’s Annex 19 for safety management at the State level, the UK CAA adopted a Risk-Based approach to its regulatory oversight. One of the key enablers of risk-based surveillance is industry engagement. Ian MacLaren will share how the UK CAA has worked with industry to allow for the implementation of risk-based surveillance in the UK. Ian will also discuss the UK CAA’s engagement with National Aviation Authorities and industry in South East Asia, working in cooperation with ICAO and EASA.