Diego Martinez

Manager, TRAINAIR PLUS Programme, Global Aviation Training Office, ICAO

Mr. Diego Martinez worked as a civil servant in the Government of Spain with several management responsibilities. He was promoted to the position of Secretary General overseeing education, industry and cooperation in Spain’s public administration in 1991. He acquired a Master’s degree in Public Administration, from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and completed a Graduate Programme in Strategic Planning at the European Strategic Planning Federation.He joined ICAO in 1997 as a TRAINAIR expert for the North America, Central America and Caribbean region. As a Technical Cooperation Officer and Chief of Field Operations, he managed capacity building projects as well as aviation training and human resources activities in the Americas region.In December 2009, he received the mandate from the ICAO secretariat to revamp the ICAO TRAINAIR Programme, previously under ICAO’s Air Navigation Bureau. Since January 2014, he is the TRAINAIR PLUS Programme Manager in the ICAO Global Aviation Training Office, under the Office of the Secretary General of ICAO.

Managing Aviation Training Intelligence

In the field of civil aviation training, it is critical that we identify the appropriate information that will allow us to rapidly provide optimal aviation training solutions to meet the demands of the projected aviation growth, and at the same time, maintain or exceed safety requirements.

We are faced today with an abundance of information that comes to us from various sources. Civil aviation training managers are therefore required to practice decision making based on managing all available aviation training intelligence™. The key is to integrate decision-useful information, also known as intelligence, into training organizations in a coherent and functional way.

This presentation will highlight ICAO’s latest initiatives in developing and implementing methodologies that target and collect specific types of aviation training data available in our dynamic air transport environment. Aviation Driven Decision Making (AD3M) and Managing Aviation Training Intelligence™ (MATI™) are new models promoted by ICAO to enhance business efficiencies in today’s complex aviation training sector. This presentation will also provide an overview of the tools currently being established by ICAO to manage the various data inputs that form the intelligence necessary to make optimal training decisions.