Blair Cowles

Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Safety and Flight Operations, IATA

Blair Cowles is IATA’s Asia-Pacific Regional Director of Safety and Flight Operations based in Singapore. Blair leads a small team engaged in extensive advocacy work throughout the Asia-Pacific region representing the safety and operational interests of IATA member airlines, primarily with air navigation service providers, transport ministries, civil aviation authorities, airports and ICAO.

Prior to joining IATA in 2013, Blair spent eleven years with Airways New Zealand in a variety of operational and managerial roles, most recently as the manager responsible for oceanic services. In this role Blair oversaw the operation of a dedicated ATC training facility and was regularly utilized as an assessor/instructor at ab initio air traffic controller recruitment and selection assessment centers, both in New Zealand and internationally. 

Blair has an Executive MBA, Post-Graduate Diploma in Management and a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations. 

A very short overview of IATA and its mission to represent, lead, and serve the airline industry will be followed by an update on the economic state of the airline industry, both globally and regionally.

Before providing information about today’s IATA initiatives in the training domain, there will be a short discussion on the work done by IATA in the flight crew training area during the last decade. The presentation will conclude with a focus on the forecast looming pilot shortage.