Captain Benoit Treilhou

Instructor, ATR Training Centre

Captain Benoit Treilhou was born in the South of France and was raised in Africa. He spent several years mostly in Algeria, Senegal and Niger.

Post-graduated in sciences, electronic and automatism from Toulouse University, afterwards he became a pilot with flying expertise with light aircraft, gliders and also a towing glider.

He was been appointed Instructor and Chief Pilot of Midi Pyrenees Aero club before joining ATR Training Centre in 2008. 

With over 10 years flying experience as an ATR pilot, he is currently functioning as an Instructor at ATR Aircraft Company, not only teaching aircraft systems to pilot trainees but also building and developing courses.

New Technology for New Technology Aircraft

European turboprop manufacturer ATR is the world leader in the regional aviation market. ATR designs, manufactures and delivers aircraft, with its fleet encompassing some 200 airlines in nearly 100 countries. The ATR 42 and ATR 72 are the best-selling aircraft in the below 90-seat category. With continuous improvement as a driving force, ATR produces cutting edge, comfortable and versatile turboprops that help airlines expand their horizons by creating more than 100 new routes every year.

The technological innovation and continuous avionic enhancements of the ATR aircraft requires training to be maintained as a key focus of any operator. In this context and in line with CBT philosophy, ATR has developed smart training tools applicable to latest generation turboprops, addressing specific training objectives for pilots, maintenance workers and cabin crew. Besides cockpit technology, intuitive training applications on dedicated topics such as UPRT, contribute to enhancing training efficiency.

ATR offers to share its views on the above matters and present a demonstration of selected learning tools that are contributing to safety through efficient training.