Captain Ping Lee

Captain Ping Lee, Chief Pilot, Basic Training Section, EVA Airways

Mano a Mano – Lessons Learned in the First Asian EBT Symposium

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• Bachelor Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
Master Aeronautical Science, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
• IATA Advanced Training Diploma
• IATA CRM Training
• CRM Facilitator, EVA Airways
• EBT Core Team Member, EVA Airways
• B747-400 Training Supervisor
• B747-400 TRI, TRE

Mano a Mano – Lessons Learned in the First Asian EBT Symposium

There are few doubts that EBT is one of the “hottest” topics in the world of aviation training. Regulatory agencies and air carriers have been exploring and adopting this new revolution in aviation training as early as 2013. Airlines in the Asia Pacific regions are no exceptions. Many airlines in this region are either studying or implementing this newly adopted technique for recurrent training. 

Although EBT is a groundbreaking method for aviation recurrent training, there are numerous hurdles while attempting to adopt and adapt this new training mentality. EVA Airways was one of the pioneers in the Asia Pacific region to implement EBT. After completing the first 3-year cycle for baseline EBT, there were many lessons learnt and many issues needing solutions. It is clear that Asian culture has some significant effect on EBT implementation. 

EVA Airways had the opportunity to share the lessons learnt during our journey to implement EBT during several training conferences. During these conferences we soon realized that most Asian carriers share the same concerns and face the same issues that we encountered while incorporating EBT. Thus, the decision was made to create an opportunity for the Asian airlines to join forces and work together to share experiences and seek solutions on our journey to implement EBT.

The first Asian EBT Symposium was held at Tao-Yuan, Taiwan on March 7,8. With more than 10 airlines and 120 participants, the group spent 2 days sharing and exchanging ideas including:

– Asian culture and its effects on EBT implementation;
– Effective facilitation techniques for de-briefing;
– 4-phases of implementing EBT and change management;
– Syllabus design and the lessons learnt.

The presentation will focus on these topics and provide some valuable insights gained during the symposium, and provide suggestions in establishing/developing improved EBT training methods that incorporate Asian culture and facilitates other Asian carriers to implement EBT recurrent training.