Kwang Hoon Ko

Kwang Hoon Ko, CRM Facilitator, Asiana Airlines

Kwang Hoon Ko used to be a flight crew trainee but due to the problems with his eyes wasn’t able to fly anymore so he changed his career path to a ground instructor at Asiana Airines since 2010.

– Ground Instructor in Asiana Airlines 2010-2019

– CRM facilitator 2013-2019

– MA in Counselling Psychology

Integration of Diverse Workforce by Forming a Team Climate

The program is concerned with improving team climate, especially with Human Performance and limitations, and three methodological approaches to improve team environment in the cockpit. CRM shall begin with accepting vulnerabilities of humans. To have pilots begin with their team building with accepting vulnerabilities of humans, our program elaborates on three methodological approaches to improve and adjust the environment, which are a theoretical approach for understanding human factors, a cognitive activity approach for understanding selves in team environment, and an opinion forming approach for providing assertive opinions. People do have biases, but they do not admit that they have biases. Pilots cannot be sure about the safety by working alone. They have to work together, so team climate is needed. To accomplish this we have been trying to reform our CRM training program. Our new CRM training program is based on the three methdological approaches. Throughout those three methodological approaches, we are expecting pilots to recognize the situations in which a bias occurs and in mitigating the effects of the bias for accepting others. To do this, a method like meditation is also used to recognize selves. Because it is not possible to understand and accept others without understanding selves, we designed the program starting with understating selves, and achieve empathetic team climate with open communication and crew coordination.