Joe Kyewoong

Joe Kyewoong, Assistant Director, Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, Korea

Sky Dream Foundation to Provide Pilot Training for Low Income Students

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Mr. Joe Kyewoong works in the Aviation Safety Policy and Licensing Division Office of Civil Aviation at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.He is in charge of:
– Set up policy for pilot training, pilot demand and supply and aviation safety.
– Manage the pilot’s license.

Sky Dream Foundation to Provide Pilot Training for Low Income Students

Many people in Korea wish to be a pilot, however, contrary to many people’s wishes, pilot training still has a high entry barrier due to the high cost of the training fee. To provide low-income families with opportunities for pilot training, the Government (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) has been pushing for the flying scholarship system, which supports the flight training fee for PPL, IR, CPL and IP courses for low-income families.

However, because of budget limitations, only two students are allowed to have a chance to get support each year. Therefore, the Government-MOLIT established the “Sky Dream Foundation” to provide more low-income families with opportunities for pilot training.

Airport operating institution and airlines have actively participated in the establishment of the Sky Dream Foundation. Two airport operation institutions in South Korea have donated the necessary budget for the establishment and initial operation, while eight airlines in the country will support the operation of the foundation whenever they hire a cadet.

Based on the funds collected, the foundation plans to operate a program that provides loans to low-income trainees in full or part of their training expenses. To operate the Foundation, airport operators and airlines participate in major decision making as senior directors of the Foundation.

In addition to that, the Foundation plans to support the development of the aviation industry by developing various programs that can foster excellent human resources besides loan programs.

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport expects to contribute to securing aviation safety and developing the aviation industry by preparing conditions where anyone, regardless of economic conditions, can become a pilot if they have the ability and willingness, and by training excellent pilots through the Sky Dream Foundation.