Chris Hine

Chris Hine, Executive Director, Regional Express Holding, Group Flight Operations Advisor and Executive Chairman, Australian Airline Pilot Academy

Cadet Pilot Programme

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Over 25 years of aviation experience including Board and Senior Management positions and experience as an Air Operator’s Certificate Accountable Manager and Chief Pilot. Chris also has extensive senior Flight Operations management experience including airline Check and Training and as a Flight Instructor. Chris’ experience as an airline AOC Accountable Manager also includes continuing airworthiness/maintenance control, airport operations and human factors and he has particular capabilities in regulatory affairs and management.

Chris’ current roles are as an Executive Director of Regional Express Holding and Group Flight Operations Advisor and Chairman of the Australian Airline Pilot Academy. 

As a current member of a Board Safety and Risk Management Committee and safety management group, Chris has significant expertise in the operation and functioning of Safety and Quality Management Systems.

Chris also has experience as a lecturer in Cockpit Systems Management for the Bachelor of Applied Science (Civil Aviation) degree at the University of South Australia.

Revolutionising Airline Cadet Programmes

The enormous scale of the worldwide demand for pilots is well reported and more and more airlines are turning to cadet pilot programmes to ensure the supply of these crucial human resources and while the concept is not new, cadet programs must be revolutionary in order to meet these demands in a cost effective fashion.

Regional Express, Australia’s largest independent regional airline, has done just that. Establishing its own professional pilot academy to meet its critical demands, it did not have time to wait for the traditional programs on offer and how 10 years later it has graduated over 250 cadets that have gone on to be airline pilots via a cadet program that:

• Completes CPL training with Multi Engine and Instrument Rating as fast as 8 months and an average of 9 months.
• Understands and trains the cadet in airline philosophy and standards right from day one. 
• Includes training tailored to the airline’s policies and procedures.
• Is a live in immersive learning environment.
• Has all theoretical study completed using Computer Based Training
• Provides personal coaching and tutorials whenever needed.
• Closely monitors student progress using a sophisticated web based, built for purpose and automated Cadet Programme Management System allowing sponsoring airlines, cadets and families to track up to the minute progress from anywhere as often as desired.
• Starts flying lessons from the second week of commencement.
• Includes training and a particular emphasis on the less technical aspects of Safety Management Systems, Threat and Error Management and Risk Assessment/Management and essential personal attributes such as professionalism, discipline, attitudes and responsibility. 

It is a proven fact that it is possible for airlines to successfully utilise ‘low time pilots’ in their operations however innovative programs such as the one developed for Regional Express are vital to this success.