Pilot Training Conference 2019

Conference Chair: Jacques Drappier
Moderator: Paul Bates

Day 1 – Tuesday 3rd September 2019

0900-1000: Session 1 – Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance joint session)
1) Captain Chris Kempis, Director Flight Operations, Cathay Pacific
2) Patrick Curtin, General Manager, Campus Operations, Boeing

1000-1100: Coffee

1100-1230: Session 2 – Looking at the Future
1) Captain Philip Adrian, CEO, MPS
Operational Suitability: An Explanation on How Training Becomes Mandated Through the Airplane Certification Process
2) Captain David Owens, CAE
Training Better Pilots, Faster
3) Rob Burke, Group Manager, Safety Standards, Training & Simulation Group, Federal Aviation Administration
Manual Flight in Air Carrier Training and Operations

1230-1400: Lunch

1400-1530: Session 3 – Primary Training Issues
1) Joe Kyewoong, Assistant Director of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport, Korea
Sky Dream Foundation to Provide Pilot Training for Low Income Students
2) Dr. Jack Patel, Assistant Professor & Academic Development Officer & Ms. Kim-Chua, Assistant Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia
The Long Runway Ahead: Strategies for Hiring, Developing and Retaining Disruptive Talent
3) Chris Hine, Executive Director, Regional Express Group
Revolutionizing Airline Cadet Programmes

1530-1615: Coffee

1615-1745: Session 4 – UPRT
1) Daan Dousi, Aircrew and Medical Standards & Implementation Section Manager, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
UPRT Implementation – Training Objectives to Determine Most Appropriate Training Tool
2) Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury, President & CEO, Aviation Performance Solutions
Proper UPRT for Airline Pilot Cadets
3) David Gingras, Vice President, Bihrle Applied Research Inc.
Experiences of FSTD Envelope Expansion Using Non-OEM Models

1745: Networking Reception

Day 2 – Wednesday 4th September

0900-1030: Session 5 – Airline Training Issues 
1) Captain Mike Varney, President, EBT Foundation & Captain Simon Henderson, PhD, Director, EBT Solutions
How Can Training Support Safety Improvement

2) Dr. William Cox, CEO, Management & Excellence SA
By How Much is Pilot Training Impacting an Airline’s Total Risk Level?
3) Colin Rydon, Vice President Training, Standards & Development / Head of Training – Commercial, L3HARRIS
Immersive Technology for Pilot Training and Operations in the Line Environment

1030-1115: Coffee

1115-1245: Session 6 – EBT Implementation
1) Richard Caldwell, Lead Instructional Systems Designer, 777-9, Boeing Global Services
The Introduction of Evidence-Based Training for the B777X
2) Captain Ping Lee, Chief Pilot, Basic Training Section, EVA Airways
Mano a Mano: The Lessons Learned in the First Asian EBT Symposium
3) Søren Rehné, FlightLogger & Janne Pöykiö, CFI, Patria Pilot Training
How Can We Make CBTA Possible from an Operational Perspective

1245-1400: Lunch

1400-1530: Session 7 – Technology Assisting Training
1) Alexander Robinson, Lead, Simulation & Training – Aviation, Seeing Machines
HUD Integrated with Aircrew Eye-Tracking for Improved Capability
2) Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Product Lead (SATCE), Quadrant Group & Dennis Hartley, Principal Systems Engineer, Collins Simulation & Training Solutions
Realizing an Active Airport Environment – SATCE & Visual Systems
3) Jerry Bresee, Director Human Systems, Vocavio
Beyond Freeze and Reset: Objectively Assessing Crew Interaction Without Interrupting Task Performance

1530-1615: Coffee

1615-1745: Session 8 – Human Factors (Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance joint session)
1) Karen Moore, Managing Director, Symbiotics
Psychological Risk in Aviation – Selection, Training and On-the-Job Mental Health
2) Kwang Hoon Ko, CRM Facilitator, Flight Crew Training Team, Asiana Airlines
Integration of Diverse Workforce by Forming a Team Climate
3) Andy Shone, CEO, Southpac Aerospace
From Reacting to Learning: The Next Step in Organisational Effectiveness

1745: Closing Remarks