2019 Pilot Conference Proceedings

Pilot Conference Proceedings

Conference Theme: Identifying & Developing Professionalism in the Global Aviation Workforce

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Conference Chair: Jacques Drappier
Moderator: Professor Paul Bates, University of Southern Queensland

Day 1 – Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Session 1 – Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance joint session)
1) Captain Chris Kempis, Director Flight Operations, Cathay Pacific
2) Patrick Curtin, Senior Manager, Singapore Campus Operations, Boeing Global Services

Session 2 – Looking at the Future
1) Captain Philip Adrian, CEO, MPS
Operational Suitability: An Explanation on How Training Becomes Mandated Through the Airplane Certification Process
2) Captain Chris Ranganathan, Senior Director Training Strategy and Services, CAE
Developing Better Pilots, Faster
3) Dr. Kathy Abbott, Chief Scientific and Technical Advisor for Flight Deck Human Factors, Federal Aviation Administration
Manual Flight in Air Carrier Training and Operations

Session 3 – Primary Training Issues
1) Joe Kyewoong, Assistant Director of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure & Transport, Korea
Sky Dream Foundation to Provide Pilot Training for Low Income Students
2) Dr. Jack Patel, Assistant Professor & Academic Development Officer & Ms. Kim-Chua, Assistant Professor, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Asia
The Long Runway Ahead: Strategies for Hiring, Developing and Retaining Disruptive Talent
3) Captain Chris Hine, Executive Director, Regional Express Holding, Group Flight Operations Advisor & Executive Chairman, Australian Airline Pilot Academy
Revolutionising Airline Cadet Programmes

Session 4 – UPRT
1) Daan Dousi, Aircrew and Medical Standards & Implementation Section Manager, European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)
UPRT Implementation – Training Objectives to Determine Most Appropriate Training Tool
2) Captain Paul ‘BJ’ Ransbury, President & CEO, Aviation Performance Solutions
Proper UPRT for Airline Pilot Cadets
3) David Gingras, Vice President, Bihrle Applied Research Inc.
Experiences of FSTD Envelope Expansion Using Non-OEM Models

Day 2 – Wednesday 4th September 2019

Session 5 – Airline Training Issues 
1) Captain Mike Varney, President, EBT Foundation & Captain Simon Henderson, PhD, Director, EBT Solutions
How Can Training Support Safety Improvement

2) Dr. William Cox, CEO, Management & Excellence SA
By How Much is Pilot Training Impacting an Airline’s Total Risk Level?
3) Captain Colin Rydon, Vice President Training, Standards & Development/Head of Training (UK EASA ATO-475), L3Harris Commercial Aviation
Immersive Technology for Pilot Training and Operations in the Line Environment

Session 6 – EBT Implementation
1) Richard Caldwell, Lead Instructional Systems Designer, 777-9, Boeing Global Services
The Introduction of Evidence-Based Training for the B777X
2) Captain Ping Lee, Chief Pilot, Basic Training Section, EVA Airways
Mano a Mano: Lessons Learned in the First Asian EBT Symposium
3) Søren Rehné, FlightLogger & Janne Pöykiö, Chief Flight Instructor, Patria Pilot Training
How Can We Make CBTA Possible from an Operational Perspective

Session 7 – Technology Assisting Training
1) Alexander Robinson, Lead, Simulation & Training – Aviation, Seeing Machines
HUD Integrated with Aircrew Eye-Tracking for Improved Capability
2) Dr. Jeremy Goodman, Product Lead (SATCE), Quadrant Group & Dennis Hartley, Principal Systems Engineer, Collins Simulation & Training Solutions
Realizing an Active Airport Environment – SATCE & Visual Systems
3) Jerry Bresee, Director, Human Systems, Vocavio – Communication Dynamics
Beyond Freeze and Reset: Objectively Assessing Crew Interaction Without Interrupting Task Performance

Session 8 – Human Factors (Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance joint session)
1) Karen Moore, Managing Director, Symbiotics
Psychological Risk in Aviation – Selection, Training and On-the-Job Mental Health
2) Kwang Hoon Ko, CRM Facilitator, Flight Crew Training Team, Asiana Airlines
Integration of Diverse Workforce by Forming a Team Climate
3) Andy Shone, Chief Executive Officer, Southpac Aerospace
From Reacting to Learning: The Next Step in Organisational Effectiveness

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