Eric Colin

Head of Maintenance Training Standardization & Directives, Airbus

Eric has been involved for 15 years in Airbus production and flight lines in many programs such as various Airbus civil A/C (A300, A310, A320), military A/C with the Transall C-160, and also on ATR where he was responsible for the first ATR 42-500 prototype up to its maiden flight.

He then started at the ATR Training Centre in 1994 first as an Instructor and finally as the Head of ATR Maintenance Training.

He joined Airbus again in 2003 to take the lead of the Maintenance Instruction Design department and led the Airbus Competence Training (ACT) for Maintenance concept specification and implementation. 

Responsible for all Airbus Maintenance Training course specification and related training aids production, he developed the new ACT Trainer by Airbus preparing the A350 Entry Into Service and covering today all Airbus types including NEOs.

He is now responsible for all Airbus Maintenance training sites standardization, including Airbus Training Centres and Airlines & MRO partnership supporting Airbus footprint extension strategy.

New Technology Tools

The world is in continuous evolution, training programs, training aids must follow to support our customers operation in the better condition, for safety and for efficiency. 

We have adapted our training courses and associated tools during the past years to be closer to our customers, to target real need to know content and to reduce classroom hardware need.

This is never ending. Cloud-based solutions are today’s challenge to provide the best proximity and flexible training. Virtual reality may also be introduced in our training courses depending on the actual pedagogical added value. 

Let’s see what is currently available and what the trend of the Maintenance Training tools evolution is.