Edward Bellamy

Technical Director, Immersive Training Services

Ed Bellamy is the technical director of Immersive Training Services and Staples VR as well as an advocate for new and emerging technology. TS is a company that focuses on using augmented and virtual reality as well as other innovative tech for industry-specific training including tools for safety and maintenance training in the aviation industry. Ed’s background is in film and entertainment in a creative and technical capacity. While working in Los Angeles, Ed was responsible for creating VR camera systems for use on major Hollywood films. In 2016 Ed became the Technical Director for the AR/VR company Staples VR who specialise in creating AR/VR content for the medical, training and entertainment industries including live streaming of the 2018 Commonwealth games and creating AR/VR tools to help with diagnosis and analysis of the disease MS.

Simulation Training in Aviation Maintenance for Increased Efficiency and Crew Safety

The Jetstar Virtual Training Simulation is a powerful tool that is being used to help maintenance staff identify risks and hazards while performing maintenance around their fleet of aircraft. Created by StaplesVR, a multidisciplinary creative technology company with work spanning sectors such as training, advertising, entertainment, health and beyond, this application has the potential to be streamlined across many airline hangars, airplanes, and other aviation sectors. The unique features associated with this training module allow all the users to learn maintenance safety in a room scale 3D environment, simulating exact scale, distances and areas of effect that are potentially dangerous and lethal in an aircraft hangar. Virtual reality training and learning has become a globally known and effective technique, using a full 360 degree environment with movement tracking to put users in situations and environments that may not otherwise be easily available in a safe or cost effective way. Using LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry technology, the simulation has photorealistic visual quality of the hangar’s main components, creating immersive learning experiences. This presentation will describe the problem solving used to bring together this new and emerging technology system to increase safety learning and integrate new creative technologies into older learning systems.