Sharon Robertson

Sharon Robertson, CEO, IBSA

Combating Skills Shortages: An Australian Perspective

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Sharon is the Chief Executive Officer of Skills Service Organisation and training resource provider, IBSA. IBSA Manufacturing is responsible for establishing vocational training qualifications for the manufacturing sector on behalf of the Government. 

Previously, she was the Executive Director of VETASSESS, Australia’s leading vocational education and training (VET) skills assessment provider and she has also held senior roles with the National Advisory for Tertiary Education, Skills and Employment, TVET Australia and KPMG. 

Combating Skills Shortages – An Australian Perspective

This presentation looks at the work being carried out in Australia to address skills development for employees, new hire issues and developing a positive training culture to enable future skills development.

The session will draw on two recent studies carried out by IBSA Manufacturing and examine:

• What the Australian aerospace industry is saying about the changing nature of the workforce
• Australian VET system and its role in enabling industry relevant training
• The key challenges and future training needs.

Additionally, an update on the work being carried out to support global mobility and credentialing of Australian aircraft maintenance engineers will be provided.

IBSA Manufacturing is an Australian government-funded organisation that works with the aerospace industry and training organisations to develop vocational education curriculum.