Paul Nef

Paul Nef, Regional Director, Honeywell Air Transport & Regional Airlines Business

Big Data: What, When and How

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Paul is currently Regional Director of Honeywell Aerospace Asia Pacific Air Transport and Regional Airlines Business Unit, based in Singapore.

Paul began his business career with Sperry Marine Systems where he held positions in field engineering and marketing. In 1986, Paul joined Sperry Commercial Flight Systems which later became Honeywell Aerospace.

As a fluent speaker of Mandarin Chinese, after joining Honeywell’s aerospace business, Paul was assigned as Honeywell’s first business representative for the greater China area, working out of Hong Kong. Since then, Paul has held leadership positions in Asia regional sales, business
development, programme management, product and sales support with Honeywell’s defense and space, business and general aviation, and air transport businesses and was most recently Director of ATM Initiatives for Asia Pacific. In addition to continuing with that portfolio, Paul is currently the business manager for Honeywell’s airlines business in Thailand and is
responsible for regulatory issues coordination for the Asia Pacific region.

Paul has a Bachelor’s degree from Brigham Young University and Master’s degrees from Brigham Young University and Thunderbird School of Global Management.

Big Data: What, When and How?

One of the hottest topics amongst the airline community in recent years is the potential for momentous change that connectivity and big data can bring to an airline’s maintenance and operational profile. Knowing which is the right data to use, how to clean it up, which method to collect it (real-time, at the end of the flight, or at specified intervals), and the potential misdirection that big data solutions, poorly implemented, can bring are all issues of critical importance to making a connected, big data/big data analytics solution work for a specific airline’s operation, maintenance and engineering organization. This paper will focus on lessons learned and recommend guidance for areas of inquiry that should be addressed as an airline implements its selected date intensive, predictive maintenance application.