Luigi G.M. Preti

Luigi Preti, Maintenance Organization Expert/EASA International Officer in Singapore

Some Key Elements on Maintenance Organisation

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Luigi is an Italian aerospace engineer who has worked at EASA since April 2011.He is currently covering the position of Maintenance Organization Expert and EASA International Officer in Singapore. Before that he worked first in Italy and then in Switzerland, gathering a wide experience of civil aviation under different departments and positions.

Some Key Elements on Maintenance OrganizationsA smart approach to EASA compliance, should identify the most critical elements of the current regulatory framework and any related information that may have important impact on the business.The intent of the presentation is therefore providing an overview of some of the key regulatory characteristics of an EASA approved MRO and their most common misinterpretations. Furthermore, a brief review of some of the latest EASA options made available outside of the EU, for the sake of the aviation industry, will also be given.