Lily Fu

Lily Fu, General Manager, Pratt & Whitney China Customer Training Center

Lily Fu is the General Manager of the Pratt & Whitney China Customer Training Center (CCTC), a joint venture between P&W and China Aviation Supplies Holding Company (CAS).

P&W China Customer Training Center was established in 2002. As an integral part of customer support and sales activities, the training center serves as the P&W aerospace center of excellence in China, providing PW4000, V2500, PW1100G and comprehensive engineering training to meet regional customer needs.

Achieving Competitive Excellence (ACE) is United Technologies Corporation’s standard operating system. As an ACE Gold site, the training center leverages its ACE knowledge and experiences gained during the implementation and shared with UTC employees, customers and strategy partners in the region.

Lily Fu has been working in the aircraft engine field for more than 25 years including 5 years MRO engine shop, 3 years airlines fleet management and more than 17 years engine maintenance and leadership training experiences. She joined P&W China Customer Training Center as an engine maintenance instructor, and then served various roles with increasing responsibilities including ACE manager and operation manager prior to being appointed as GM in 2012.

Lily Fu holds a bachelor’s degree in aerospace engineering from Shenyang Aerospace University, MBA from People’s University of China, and EMBA from Guanghua School of Management, Peking University.

Effective Engine Maintenance Training To Optimize Fleet Operation

• Engine fleet management goals

• Skills required to manage engine fleet

• Training topics to close skill gaps

• Technology for training effectiveness

• Training effectiveness evaluation