Kenny Choo

Kenny Choo (Yeanhee Choo), Professor, Department of Aircraft Maintenance, ASEA Aviation College

How VR & AR Technology Affect Aircraft Maintenance Training

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Kenny Choo is a professor of the Department of Aircraft Maintenance in ASEA Aviation College located in Seoul, Korea. Also, as a manager of the International Division in ASEA, he has built a constructive and sustainable relationship with numerous international universities.

Kenny Choo graduated from the College of Central Florida, USA and Chung-Ang Graduate School in Korea. Getting his Master’s degree majoring lifelong learning (dissertation – The Effect of Career plan of Vocational College Students on Employability: With Focus on Mediating Effect of Learning Flow). Also, he is a certified Korean Language teacher (Level 2) with the mind of ‘sharing is caring’.

How Augmented Reality Technology Affects Maintenance Training

Augmented reality technology is gaining considerable attention in the aviation industry, positively influencing the maintenance, repair, and overhaul processes compared to the traditional approach. There is maximized engineer efficiency as operators as there are no mismatches in the aircraft maintenance process. Augmented reality has been developed in aircraft maintenance since real-time information is quickly passed in the form of audio, images, and text enhancements that are integrated with actual objects. In the aviation sector, it is being used to relay information, particularly at the point of need. Augmented reality has significantly aided in the visualization of the navigation systems, weather, air traffic control, terrain, as well as airspace information. The information is mostly relayed in 3D, which is ideal as it can be comprehended and retained for longer. The technology has significantly improved the aircraft maintenance, repair, and overhaul processes. It is possible to create virtual images of the components. Consequently, the technical staff can review the practical scenario in a safer environment since virtual simulations manifest as expected in a real environment. In this assessment, the effects of augmented reality on the traditional aircraft maintenance field will be reviewed in detail.