Sherry Saehlenou

Principal, Avion Training LLC

Sherry Saehlenou has had a long career in the aviation industry both as a flight attendant (for PAN AM and United) and as a cabin safety instructor for the Boeing Company.

Along with speaking at global flight attendant conferences, to help raise awareness, she also helps train the aviation industry to recognize and report suspected trafficking and abuse victims as a member of Airlines Ambassadors International. She is also on the ICAO flight attendant working committee that authored the airline recommended guidelines for training awareness in trafficking in persons.

Moving Beyond Awareness

The issue of trafficking in persons is one that we can no longer ignore. The aviation industry is now earnestly starting to move beyond creating awareness of the problem to implementing programs to educate their workers and give them tools to be able to report suspected incidents. This year ICAO and IATA have released training guidelines to help not only airlines but all industry professionals to empower their frontline workers in the fight against this type of modern-day human slavery. It is time to move beyond simply recognition and to start training!