Terry McCombie & Amanda Leedham

Terry McCombie, Assessor/Ground Instructor, Jetstar Airways

Terry McCombie has worked for Jetstar Airways since 2010, initially as cabin crew and then moving into the Training Department in 2011 as an Emergency Procedures and Dangerous Goods Ground Instructor. Currently he is a Senior Instructor/Assessor.


Amanda Leedham, Assessor/Ground Instructor, Jetstar Airways

Amanda Leedham is an Assessor/Senior Instructor at Jetstar Airways. A passion for safety attracted her to Aviation where she began in 2007 and has enjoyed being an Instructor for the past 10 years.

Maintaining Standards Across Multi Types in Multi Bases

Terry McCombie and Amanda Leedham, Assessors/Senior Instructors from Jetstar Airways present the challenges the airline faces in training multiple aircraft types, across multiple bases in several countries. Whilst maintaining regulatory compliance is paramount, aircrew engagement must always remain a high priority and training packages must resonate with a diverse audience.

The presentation will address:
• Challenges faced with maintaining crew competence within a diverse fleet.
• Creating and maintaining relationships within organisational departments to put the needs of aircrew as a priority.
• Innovation and creativity achieved through training needs analysis, data collation and collaboration of ideas.

With continued growth, both domestically and internationally, we strive to be as dynamic as possible continuing to think outside the square to meet the expectations of our crew.