Wynne Wee

Christina Ang, Regional Business Development Director, MedAire & Wynne Wee, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Workplace Options

Mental Health and Wellbeing in Aviation

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Wynne Wee, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Workplace Options

Wynne Wee is Vice President of Asia Pacific at Workplace Options.

Formally trained as a Counselling Psychologist, Wynne possesses more than a decade of extensive clinical experience in the mental health field in white-, blue-, pink- and gold-collar industries including aviation. She applies her strategic vision, clinical savvy and passion for world class customer service standards to ensure the company is always ahead of its peers in the way it cares for and supports their ever growing global client base. Wynne strongly believes in the importance of developing workplace resilience and proactive mental health support systems – particularly crucial concepts in the aviation industry.

Mental Health First Aid for Crewmembers

In this speech we will discuss Emotional Support in Aviation which is geared toward crewmembers travelling and working in the unique aviation industry. In this interactive session, participants will learn to recognize emotional health level, understand the challenges of fatigue, and identify countermeasures to manage fatigue and emotional health, in both themselves and others. Discussions also include insight into various mental health problems, statistics, and the three phases of monitoring mental health. Participants will understand the importance of a self-assessment related to fatigue and learn about the likelihood score, and a fit-for-duty assessment checklist.