Richard Gomez

Richard Gomez, Vice President, Aviation Solutions Worldwide, MedAire

Richard Gomez is Vice President, Aviation Solutions Worldwide for MedAire. He has 30 plus years of aviation experience including crew member training, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, cabin crew management and above and below the wing operations. Richard joined MedAire in 2005 to lead its global aviation training platform. Today, he oversees MedAire’s suite of products and services including aircraft to ground MedLink services, Crew Medical Training, Aircraft Medical Kits and medical services for crew while on duty. Richard is committed to safety and supports airlines around the world with the mission of continuous improvement. 

Mental Health First Aid for Crewmembers

In this speech we will discuss Emotional Support in Aviation which is geared toward crewmembers travelling and working in the unique aviation industry. In this interactive session, participants will learn to recognize emotional health level, understand the challenges of fatigue, and identify countermeasures to manage fatigue and emotional health, in both themselves and others. Discussions also include insight into various mental health problems, statistics, and the three phases of monitoring mental health. Participants will understand the importance of a self-assessment related to fatigue and learn about the likelihood score, and a fit-for-duty assessment checklist.