Joey Anca

Joey Anca, Human Risk Manager, Metro Trains Melbourne

Assertiveness in the Asian Culture

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Thirty years in complex industries such as aviation, railways, research and teaching. Mentors and trains broad operational teams – pilots, engineers, trainers and managers. Investigated incidents and accidents from injuries to fatalities. To understand why things go wrong, uses investigation and risk tools such as ICAM (Incident Causation Analysis Method), Causal Factors Analysis, Just Culture algorithms and “Bow-Ties”.

Leads others to examine why even experts can make errors, by observing human behaviour in the workplace. Advises towards good-practice strategic thinking and creates policies to shape business process, governance and regulation.

Passionate about people inspiring and helping others in the team through positive empathy.

Joey is a PhD candidate in Human Factors Engineering. He is proposing actions to the community through his doctoral thesis that Mentoring is a strong countermeasure to skills shortage.