Captain James Nixon

Captain James Nixon

Professional Sleeping for Cabin Crew

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A380 Captain James Nixon has retired from flying after 31 years, to a writer’s life in Melbourne, Australia. He is the author of five books, two of them Amazon Kindle Bestsellers.

A Guest Lecturer at Swinburne University Aviation Faculty, he also mentors two aviation management students.

James fills his day writing his next book, running Crammond Media, public-speaking and podcasting.

A small businessman before he started flying, and consultant afterwards, James wrote Sleeping For Pilots & Cabin Crew (And Other Insomniacs) after noticing his first officers and cabin crew were struggling to stay awake during long haul flights.

Professional Sleeping for Cabin Crew

The more we refine rosters to maximise productivity, the more our cabin crew decide on another career. Churn rates climb.

During their training we equip them with everything they need to do the job, but to make the job into a career they need to get to grips with sleeping.

We need to teach them professional sleeping.

To learn the twenty individual factors that affect their sleep, and the tips and tricks to allow them to sleep when they want.

How to deal with their rosters, plan their sleep for the whole month; manage every aspect of their layovers, from the bus trip in, to room security, elevators, hotel fires – even room preparation.

To understand jetlag, the NASA Nap, optimise crew rest, and the use of mind tricks to fall asleep, waking efficiently when required.