2019 Cabin Crew Conference Proceedings

Cabin Crew Conference Proceedings

Conference Theme: Identifying & Developing Professionalism in the Global Aviation Workforce

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Moderator: Captain James Nixon

Day 1 – Tuesday 3rd September 2019

Session 1 – Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance joint session)
1) Captain Chris Kempis, Director Flight Operations, Cathay Pacific
2) Patrick Curtin, Senior Manager, Singapore Campus Operations, Boeing Global Services

Session 2 – New Directions in Training
1) Captain Mike Varney, President, EBT Foundation & Captain Simon Henderson, PhD, Director, EBT Solutions
Is Evidenced-Based Training for Cabin Crew Realistic?

Session 3 – Roundtable Discussions: New Directions
Training or Learning Culture
Is There Need for Change?

Session 4 – Training Developments
1) Robin Pijnaker, CEO, Flame Aviation
Next Generation Cabin Fire Training
2) Birdy Raghoonundun Gunputh, Product Manager Safety Training, Lufthansa Aviation Training GmbH
Applying Virtual Reality into Cabin Crew Safety Training
3) Dr. Doug Drury, Aviation Program Director, University of South Australia
“Air Rage” – A Systematic Review of Research on Disruptive Airline Passenger Behaviour

Day 2 – Wednesday 4th September 2019

Session 5 – Contemporary Training Issues for Cabin Crew
1) Wynne Wee, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Workplace Options & Christina Ang, Regional Business Development Director, MedAire
Mental Health First Aid for Crewmembers
2) Geoff Trappett OAM, Inclusion Moves
Training to Handle Disabled Passengers – Balancing Customer Service, Risk and a Human Rights Approach

Session 6 – Round Table Discussions
Handling Disabled Passengers
Cabin Crew Support Systems
Dealing with Difficult Cabin Situations – Is Current Training Adequate

Session 7 – Broadening the Current Training Agenda
1) Sherry Saehlenou, Principal, Avion Training LLC
Responding to Human Trafficking: What Do I See? What Do I Do? What Do I Say?
2) Joey Anca, Human Risk Manager, Metro Trains Melbourne
Assertiveness in the Asian Culture
3) Captain James Nixon
Professional Sleeping for Cabin Crew

Session 8 – Human Factors (Pilot, Cabin Crew & Maintenance joint session)
1) Karen Moore, Managing Director, Symbiotics
Psychological Risk in Aviation – Selection, Training and On-the-Job Mental Health
2) Kwang Hoon Ko, CRM Facilitator, Flight Crew Training Team, Asiana Airlines
Integration of Diverse Workforce by Forming a Team Climate
3) Andy Shone, Chief Executive Officer, Southpac Aerospace
From Reacting to Learning: The Next Step in Organisational Effectiveness

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