Sam Lee

Managing Director, Integra Aerospace Ltd.

As a qualified commercial pilot, mechanic and technical instructor, Sam has been immersed in the aviation industry since his early teen years when a desire to fly motivated him to clean aircraft at a local flying school in return for flying time. A love of teaching and creating compelling compliance and competency-based training courses has developed a passion in Sam to see training delivered in a way that truly engages, motivates and develops an individual’s competence. Having spent the past 6 years running Integra Aerospace, a company that specialises in the creation of bespoke blended learning training products, Sam actively promotes the benefits of blended learning to both students and organisations.

Blended Learning: An Exceptional Way to Train Exceptional People

This presentation will communicate the definition, need, and benefits of introducing a blended learning approach to training delivery. As we have seen a massive, worldwide move to delivering training courses virtually, through live virtual classrooms, it is becoming more widely accepted that there is a place for delivering training via online platforms and that it can be done well. 

A blended learning approach to the creation and delivery of training will enable organisations to enhance the training they deliver as we move forward into 2021, and beyond, by harnessing the benefits that come from blending together both the online and classroom (physical, or virtual) environments.

Blended learning can increase the motivation and attainment of students, whilst also enhancing the support and role of the instructor.