Captain Mike Varney

Managing Director, EBT Solutions

Mike presented his idea for what ultimately became EBT to IATA in 2007, and this resulted in the creation of an international working group which he led until the publication of ICAO Doc 9995 in 2013. Mike and his team are now engaged in supporting the implementation of EBT worldwide, with operators, ATO’s and regulatory authorities.

Mike’s career began in the Royal Air Force flying fast jets, followed by time as an airline pilot as commander on the Boeing 757/767. He spent eight years with the UK Civil Aviation Authority in operations and training oversight also flying the Airbus A319/320/321 and A330, before joining Boeing (Alteon) and then Airbus in Toulouse. In his Airbus role of Senior Director Training Policy and Development, Mike began the EBT Project. Between 2009-2011 Mike worked for Mechtronix, now part of TRU Simulation + Training, who with IATA sponsored his activity in developing EBT. He returned to Airbus in 2011 assuming a senior role before becoming Head of Training Strategy for Etihad in Abu Dhabi. Mike is President of the EBT Foundation and a Director of the LOSA Collaborative.