Matthew Castello

Maintenance Specialist Part 147 Team Leader – Northern Region, Regulatory Services & Surveillance, CASA/Aviation Group

Matthew Castello is a Licenced Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with both military and civilian background including Senior Base Engineer and Chief Engineer roles. As the Team Leader, Matthew is responsible for approval and surveillance of PT147 MTO’s oversighted by the Australian regulator. Matthew wrote the CASA AME procedures guidance material, with work instructions for issue of Australian CASR PT66 licences. His current goal is to assist the PT147 MTO’s to grow and meet the requirements of the Australian aviation industry.   

CASA’s Approach to Part 147 Training During and Post Covid-19  

This presentation will communicate the measures put in place by the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) to ensure CASR PT147 training continues during Covid-19 in consideration of social distancing, travel restrictions and goals are set for the future once restrictions ease.