Liam McGuire

Executive Director, Opaque Interactive

Liam is the design lead at Opaque, a software development and consultancy firm specialising in using emerging technologies to solve intractable problems in diverse fields such as Aerospace, Healthcare and Social Awareness. He has led a number of innovative projects and has worked with a diverse range of high-profile organisations and partners such as Microsoft, Google, NASA, DST, and The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne to develop industry-leading tools and technologies.

XR-Based Training

Consumer off-the-shelf XR technologies spanning from virtual reality to augmented and mixed reality have the potential to redefine how we deliver real-world training. This session will contextualise and critically discuss the role that XR technologies can play in training, covering both the opportunities and the trade-offs required. It will cover some of the key principles in the design, development and deployment of XR projects, and discuss using relevant case studies from Opaque’s body of work how these principles can be successfully applied to create engaging, empowering and effective training.