Laura Khodakovskiy & Ashleigh Wilkinson

Laura Khodakovskiy

I have worked for 17 years in commercial aviation in both the UK and Australia and my current role is currently within the aerial fire fighting space. Until Covid-19, I was the Safety & Emergency Procedures Manager at an Australian airline for more than 10 years, where I had a team of 30 trainers, checkers and instructors. My passion is continuous improvement and how we can make training for the crew more interactive whereby the crew walk away learning something new in a safe environment. I am still very active in the Asia Pacific Cabin Safety Working Groups and I am curious to see where post Covid-19 takes the industry.

Ashleigh Wilkinson

I have worked within aviation for 10 years for an airline in Australia, across a wide variety of roles from leading a team as Team Leader, training and assessing crew as a Line Trainer and Checker and most most recent role for the past 5 years as a leader of the Safety and Emergency Procedures Instructors. My career has seen me become the first CASA delegate for the airline as well as produce a career pathway for the instructors. I enjoy the learning and development of the crew training courses, utilizing my innovation to make the courses a leading national standard.

Cabin Crew Safety & Emergency Procedures Training Post Covid-19

Covid-19 has seen many airline operators change the way crew are assessed on Safety and Emergency Procedures training to ensure safe practices of hygiene for all crew. This has come in forms of the regulatory body providing exemptions around the world for different emergency procedures albeit onboard an aircraft or in the training space. This presentation will be looking at the ongoing exemptions that airlines have applied for and if the aviation industry training standards have become misaligned between each other, as well as the overall proficiency standards of the crew. If an incident was to occur onboard, have the crew received the required exposure/retention of practical training to utilize that specific piece of equipment or carry out the required procedure.