2018 Maintenance Conference Proceedings

Day 1 – Tuesday 28th August 2018

Session 1 – Opening Remarks & Keynote Addresses (all conference tracks)
1) Blair Cowles, Asia-Pacific Regional Director, Safety & Flight Operations, IATA  [PDF]
2) Captain Quay Chew Eng, Senior Vice President of Flight Operations, Singapore Airlines  [PDF]
3) Patrick Curtin, Senior Manager, Campus Operations, Boeing Flight Services Singapore Campus  [PDF]

Session 2 – A Look at the Future
1) Christian Delmas, Head of Maintenance Training, Airbus Training Services
Aircraft Mechanics – The Challenges for Operators, MROs and Training Centres  [PDF]
2) Andy Shone, Chief Executive Officer, Southpac Aerospace
From Reacting to Learning, the Next Step in Aviation Safety  [PPTX]
3) Dr. William Cox, CEO, Management & Excellence SA
Is Maintenance Training an Important Profit Source for Airlines?  [PDF]

Session 3 – New Developments
1) Sumant Hattikudur, Senior Product Manager & Strategy Analyst, Boeing Global Services
Digital Crew Credentials  [PDF]
2) Dr. Bill Johnson, PhD., Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor for Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance Systems, FAA
A Web-Based Approach to Enhance the Culture of Following Procedures  [PDF]
3) Dr. Jack PatelAssistant Professor [PDF] & Ms. Kim-Chua, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University – Asia [PDF]
Building Capability and Ensuring Employability, Diversity and Positivity in Aviation Higher Education

Session 4 – Training Developments
1) Mark Ballard, Director of Maintenance Training, Pelesys
Innovative Training for This Generation of Technicians  [PDF]
2) Caroline Bosq, Head of Structure Training & New Offers & Patricia Laplace, Engineer in Materials, Airbus
New Challenges for Airlines/MRO Dealing with New Generation of Composite Aircraft  [PDF]
3) Thomas Vaidhyan, Chairman & CEO, Aten Inc.
VR in Maintenance Training  [PDF]

Day 2 – Wednesday 29th August

Session 5 – Regulatory Session
1) Luigi Preti, Maintenance Organisation Expert & EASA International Officer in Singapore
Update on Continuing Airworthiness  [PDF]
2) Dr. Bill Johnson, PhD., Chief Scientific & Technical Advisor for Human Factors in Aircraft Maintenance Systems, FAA
The Training Challenge of Meeting the Shortage of Qualified Engineering/Maintenance Personnel  [PDF]
3) Marcus Cunningham, US FAA Flight Standards Service, Office of Aircraft Maintenance Policy Division
FAA Working Methods  [PDF]

Session 6 – Open Forum
Moderated by Geoff Hill, Engineer Training Manager, Jetstar Airways Pty Ltd.

Session 7 – Technology for Maintenance Training
1) Julien Champs, Head of Sales & Business Development – Aviation Simulation, ECA Group
Simulation in Maintenance Training  [PPTX]
2) Garvan Moore, Airbus
New Technology Tools
3) Edward Bellamy, Technical Director, Immersive Training Services
Simulation Training in Aviation Maintenance for Increased Efficiency and Crew Safety  [PDF]

Session 8 – Technology Assisting Training (all conference tracks)
1) Colin Rydon, Vice President Training, Safety & Compliance, L3 Commercial Aviation
Advancing FTD Technologies and the Opportunity to the Pilot Training Journey  [PDF]
2) Captain Pierre Wannaz, A330/A340 Captain & Senior Advisor, CEFA Aviation
How Could We Turn Each Flight into a Training Opportunity?  [PDF]
3) Captain Benoit Treilhou, Instructor, ATR Training Centre
New Technology for New Technology Aircraft  [PPTX]

Olivia Nash

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