Anna Mellberg

Anna Mellberg, Chief Cabin Safety and CRM Instructor, Novair

Anna started her cabin crew career in 1994. Since then she has flown for different airlines on multiple aircraft types.

In 1997 she joined Novair, a Swedish charter airline which operates A321Neo aircraft. Her position with Novair is Chief Cabin Safety and CRM Instructor but she also works as a Purser.

Working together with a great team of Instructors she has developed the training standards for both pilots and cabin crew at Novair.

The innovation of Novair training operations, especially in practical training, has been in demand by other airlines, and has led to the development of Novair Education by the team.

Anna has been a frequent speaker at WATS and APATS where she has shared the challenges in developing quality training for pilots and cabin crew. She is also moderating the Cabin Crew conference at EATS.

During the pandemic Novair suffered as did many other airlines from both a total stand still as well as very un-frequent flying for a long period of time.

Getting all our crew back in the air after times of furlough was a challenge and had to be thoroughly planned.

Navigating through provisions from the authorities and performing training with restrictions due to the pandemic proved to be challenging but our training team managed to get all our crew back where they belong.

In this session we will learn how Novair planned and performed the training in detail to get their crew back in the air.