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Feiyu Aviation Simulation Co

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Located in the National Aviation Hi-tech Industrial Base in Yanliang Xi’an, China, Feiyu Aviation Simulation Co., Ltd. Xi’an (hereinafter referred to as FYASC) is mainly specialized in developing and manufacturing the aviation crew simulation training equipment, flight training equipment, anti-hijack training equipment, aviation VR/AR simulation system, airport environmental simulation system and civil and military combined products etc.

FYASC has built the first crew training equipment, first aircraft passenger cabin fire extinguishing trainer and first aircraft emergency evacuation training platform in China, the first four freedom degrees of full visual dynamic training cabin, first anti-hijacking simulation training aircraft, first electrical six-free-degree emergency evacuation trainer, first school crew trainer and first wide-body passenger jet six freedom degrees of electrical trainer in the world.

Xifei Asia-Pacific Aviation Simulation Co., Ltd. (the parent company) has engaged in Chinese crew training equipment industry since 1992. The development of products of Xifei Asia-Pacific Aviation Simulation Co., Ltd. is started from imitating the foreign products, introducing the foreign technology, then self-developing and jointing the world top enterprises to manufacturing the crew training equipment currently, experienced four stages and six generation products.


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