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AMST-Aviation is part of the AMST Group, which has offices and facilities in Nieuw-Vennep, the Netherlands and Ranshofen, Austria. AMST has been building confidence into their devices since 1982. Our products incorporate more than 30 years of our engineering and manufacturing experience combined with the advanced technologies of our parent company, AMST. This enables us to produce a highly reliable simulator that meets your needs and exceeds the standard of current industry devices.

Our comprehensive range of products include DESDEMONA, AIRFOX FFS Full Flight and AIRFOX UPRT simulators.

Enable us to build confidence into your operation by choosing to partner with AMST. Allow us to demonstrate exactly what supporting a product means. We build quality, we build capability, we build confidence.

Product Portfolio
Full Flight Simulators
 FAA/EASA/CAAC Level D compliance
 Full Flight Simulators Aircraft Range:
 A320 Std 2.0 CEO
 A320 Std 2.0 NEO
 B737NG
 B737-8, B737-9

DESDEMONA and Upset Recovery Training
 6 Degrees of Freedom
 Sustained G-cueing up to 3 G
 Unlimited attitude control (Pitch, Yaw, Roll)
 Upset Prevention Recovery Training courses for Core Instructors

Flight Training Devices
 Up to FAA FTD Level 5 / EASA FTD Level 2 compliance
 Level D software based on OEM data packages

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